Temporary Residency Process

Temporary Residency through income must start in a Mexican Consulate or Embassy, prior entering Mexico.

Through Mexican spouse,  or child  can begin in Mexico.

Through Retirement/Pension or employment Income

Applicants  can apply for Temporary Residency if they can proof  they are retirees/pensioners or employed and their monthly income is  $26,508.00, Mexico currency for (6) consecutive months  prior applying.  OR  Investments of $441,800.00, for  (12)  consecutive months prior applying.

Through Mexican Spouse or Temporary Resident Card holder

Applicants  can apply for Temporary Residency if they can prove they are marry to a Mexican national or Temporary Resident Card Holder.  Under this category the spouse  will be granted a temporary residency for 1, 2, 3  or 4 years. 



  • How long is the process to obtain a Temporary  Mexico Green Card. About 2  months.
  • How much is the fee.  About $260.00, USA.
  • What are the requirements, after you sign up for service you will be provided detailed information.