Jorge Gonzalez offers exit and reentry Mexico Permit assistance throughout Mexico INM offices

Exit and reentry permit applies for applicants waiting for canje, renewal or change of status approval by (INM) National Institute Of Immigration.  By law applicants must apply for the exit and reentry permit  if they want to leave the country (Mexico) while  their application is pending.  

Some applicants do not know this rule and make a big mistake to leave Mexico without the exit and reentry permit.  Unfortunately, when they return their application will be cancel automatically, because they will be issue another FMM at the airport or border and by law they can not have two status at the same time.

The exit and reentry permit is issued by the same INM office where canje, renewal or change of status is filed. It takes about 3 to 5  days and the cost is $424.00, Mexico currency about $24.00, US. 

The  permit will be valid for 60 days, which means the applicants  must return before it expires and continue with their application.

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