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Temporary Resident Card Renewal

The normal renewal process can start 30 days prior expiration of the card.  The renewal must be in the corresponding immigration office where the applicant resides in Mexico. Jorge Gonzalez offers renewal paperwork preparation to all the INM offices throughout Mexico. Service includes the following, click here for  free consultation or quote:

If you are traveling outside Mexico and  your  Temporary Resident Card  expires. You  have 55 days grace time to renew it  from  the expiration day.   The renewal must be done  within 5 days after your return to Mexico.  If you are traveling by air or land it is a MUST to request exit and re-entry stamp from the INM Immigration agent in order to qualify for late renewal. 

  1. Online renewal application
  2. Formato básico application
  3. Bank Form
  4. CURP assistance
  5. Petition letter
  6. Exit and reentry permit if you need to return to USA while your application is in process
  7. Change of address assistance
  8. Track your application online and let you know when you need to go
    for fingerprints and  pick up the new card
  9. Interpret email notifications from INM Immigration
  10. Consent to receive email notifications document

Renewal cost for 2020, in Mexico currency:

1 year  $4,271.00
2 years $6,400.00
3 years $8,106.00

4 years $9,607.00

Can I renew my TEMPORARY RESIDENT CARD if is expired? Yes, but only if you were out of the country ( Mexico) CLICK HERE  for details

Can I renew my TEMPORARY RESIDENT CARD outside Mexico? No, it can only be renewed in the corresponding  INM office where you reside or work. 

Temporary Mexico Resident Card Sample

Temporary Mexico Resident Card Sample